About Us


It’s actually not about us.

It’s about you.


It’s a tough and often unfair road for guys who go through divorce, separation, and child custody disputes. What you thought would be objective and straightforward, turned out to be anything but the case. The time, money, and emotion is something that you never get back. And often your career and reputation suffers too. Believe me, because I know. That’s why I created Whysker.

Whysker makes lemonade out of a sour situation, and turns a liability into a strength. It’s an opportunity to connect with an exclusive group that supports career advancement and professional development of its members while having a great time doing the stuff that guys like to do. All of our members enjoy top-shelf promotions on entertainment, clothes and accessories, and home & auto purchases. And you can choose the membership that suits your tastes.

What are you waiting for?

Peter Downing - Founder