How salesmen are trained to seal the deal


When you go to a car dealership, whether it be to consider a vehicle or if you’re “just looking”, salesmen are trained to get you to buy a vehicle on that very day. Whether or not you need more time to consider all your options is irrelevant to them - they work on commission and get pushed hard by their managers to produce a sale. As a result, they may appeal in subtle ways to your emotions in order to overcome your logical critical decision capabilities. The result is that you may buy before you are ready, pay too much for the vehicle, or buy all sorts of over-priced additions to the original vehicle.

Not every dealership does this the same way, but this gives you an idea of what to expect. The rebates mentioned in this process are for new vehicles. Used vehicles pricing is a little different and is covered here. But the sales process is usually the same for both new and used vehicles.

Here are the 9-Steps: (Click each step to learn more)

1) Meet and Greet

2) Guest Sheet

3) Walk Around

4) Test Drive

5) Pitching Numbers

a) 1st Pencil

b) 2nd Pencil

c) 3rd Pencil

6) Closing

7) Finance Office - Upsell

8) Vehicle Delivery

9) Customer Survey

Peter Downing