We Are Nobody’s Door Mat 


Alberta has power. Its time to use it.


Alberta Separation

This is a legitimate option if the Trudeau government continues to destroy our economy and way of life. The potential tax savings for Alberta, and revenue losses for Canada are both immense.


Reclaim All Constitutional Powers

Alberta will reclaim its immigration, taxation, firearms, and provincial policing authorities granted under the constitution. Civil service jobs will leave Eastern Canada and return to Alberta.


Impose Retaliatory and Pre-emptive Taxes/Tariffs

British Columbia and Quebec will feel the full weight of lawful punitive measures taken by Alberta, in response for their aggression against our energy industry. Their voters need to feel the pain that their government policies impose on others.


Stop Political Obstruction and Dishonesty

Alberta will impose civil and regulatory sanctions upon politicians, journalists, NGOs, and corporations who purposely lie about our people and our energy industry, whether by omission or commission. They will become accountable.


The bottom line

Eliminate crippling regulatory and tax burdens.

We are intolerant of regular Albertans suffering financially, in order to support non-competitive regions and special interests.

It is theft.

By removing regulations that sabotage our economy, and by ceasing the transfer of wealth from productive Albertans to individuals and organizations who do not work for it, we will put Albertans back to work, and free them to save and invest for their own futures, as they see fit.