Our Vision

End the economic and cultural domination of Alberta.


I came to Alberta in 2006 after graduating from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Training Academy (Depot) in Regina, Saskatchewan, to start my career as a police constable. This is a province that I have always been inspired and fascinated by, as a place where a man can combine his faith, family, and hard work, with toughness, integrity, and a will to win. Alberta was such a place in 2006, when Ralph Klein was still the Premier of Alberta.

After Ralph retired, something changed.  Provincial politician after politician, and Alberta leader after leader would often talk about the virtues of hard work and independence that made Alberta exceptional, but then turn around and patronize special interest groups and corporate welfare queens with our money. What was a short-term gain for the politicians became Alberta’s long-term loss. With the special interest groups being neither competitive or ethical enough to add value to the general public, they continually resort to the strategy of inventing problems that never existed, and demanding increasing concessions via social status and government funding to appease them. Our politicians have happily complied. Yet our province has looked less like Alberta, and more like Ontario ever since.

Then in 2015, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada won a majority government. In less than four years, Trudeau has partnered with foreign NGO’s, Quebecois industry, radical environmentalists, militant indigenous groups, judicial activists, and media-for-hire to grind Alberta, our values, and our hydrocarbon industry into the ground. Yet we are forced to pay for oil from human rights abusers such as Saudi Arabia, or corrupt governments such as Nigeria; and sell our oil at an unacceptable discount to only one customer: the United States.

I do not apologize for being blunt: all the Facebook posts, virtue signals from conservative politicians, or copy-cat yellow vest gatherings will achieve literally ZERO when faced with a federal government who actually benefits politically from hurting Alberta. When Trudeau hurts and mocks Alberta, it causes leftist NDP and Green Party voters in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia to vote for the Federal Liberals instead. This is why Trudeau acts the way that he does, and I expect it will win him a larger majority in 2019. Alberta’s vote literally does not count. And with the expected increase in third-world migration to Canada, thanks to Justin Trudeau, your vote is going to count even less.

If my life and career experience has taught me anything, its that to deal with this situation, something more is required. And it requires the guts and unity of 4.2+ Million everyday Albertans. It’s time to use our strength as a province. It’s time to play political hardball.



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Peter Downing, BA, MTS, MBA
Executive Director Alberta Fights Back

Twitter: @peterdowningAB