Success Stories

This is what happens when we work together.


1. They will think twice about screwing with us.


The time for being nice is over. Think about all the headaches that Quebec has given and the concessions they have received from the rest of Canada since the rise of Quebec nationalism in the 1960’s and 1970’s. But Quebec does not have a fraction of the ability to impose itself on Canada, the way that Alberta does by simply walking away.

It is our job at AFB to ensure that Quebec, and special interest groups in across the country, learn full well what it means when Alberta chooses to stop funding them, and simply walk away. Their free ride, and all the perks that come with it, comes crashing to a screeching halt.

It is also our job to inform British Columbia that when Alberta chooses to punish, they will find out what it means to be landlocked from the rest of Canada.

We will also let Atlantic Canada know that they can expect job loss when we in-source our civil service jobs that are currently outsourced to their jurisdiction.


“Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.”

— Sun Tzu

Then we will let Justin Trudeau try to pick up the pieces of voter displeasure in those regions. And if necessary, we will work with Albertans to force our own provincial politicians to engage in economic warfare with or separate from the rest of Canada if Trudeau and the Liberal government continue their unacceptable hostilities against Alberta. Because in such a case, there is no other alternative. Just like a cop unwilling to use his gun in a life-or-death situation, Justin Trudeau will continue to abuse any province unwilling to separate if absolutely necessary.

2. Our economic well-being and cost of living will improve.


We are not the type of organization that gets tens of thousands of dollars heaped upon us by car dealership groups.  What we are however is a group who receives $25-$75 or $100-$500 dollar personal donations from generous every-day Albertans who simply want to “kick Justin Trudeau in his nuts for what he is doing to our province.” (Direct quote from an AFB supporter) And since we have lots of people in Alberta who feel that way, this puts all of us in the driver’s seat.

Our billboard and radio campaigns are designed to inform and encourage people in Alberta, frighten and enrage the rest of Canada, while pressuring politicians across the country to stop stealing the hard-earned income and economic opportunities that are rightfully ours. We want to put a smile on your face, even if comes from enjoying a guilty pleasure. More importantly, we want to achieve the type of political victory that keeps you working and keeps more of YOUR money in your pocket. I think that will make all of us smile, without any guilt.


The influence of our media campaigns, along with the real threat of economic war and/or Alberta separation will compensate for Alberta only having 34 seats in the Canadian House of Parliament.